Best 5 Soviet-Russia animations with heart-warming scenarios, and notable compositions

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Soviet-era is an interesting period. Although it remains an oppressive regime in mind, lots of unique animated films also came to light in these times. Especially in the 1960s – 1980s, financial welfare increased, and censorship decreased. It also affected the animation.

1. Cheburaska series: #1 Gena the Crocodile and his friends (1969)

Cheburashka is one of the main characters in Eduard Uspensky’s “Crocodile Gena and his friends.” Although Eduard Uspensky began his creative journey by writing humorous stories, these stories could not completely go through censorship. For this reason, he began to write children’s literature and screenplays for animated films.

Artist Leonid Schwartzman created the character of Cheburaska. Director Roman Kachanov made 4 puppet-animated film with the participation of this favorite character: “Crocodile Gena and her friends” – 1969, “Cheburashka” – 1971, “Shapoklyak” – 1974, “Cheburashka goes to school” – 1983.

These films owe a large part of their fame to their heart-warming music compositions, besides lovely colors, characters, and, stories. Also, the lyrics are impressive. All this combination gives a cozy feeling to the viewer. I strongly recommend you check them up!

2. Tryam! Hello! (1980)

This animation is based on the story in Sergei Kozlov‘s famous book of the same name. The book is full of these touching, warm stories. Directed by the legendary Yuri Butyrin, this film is also an inspiring production with its music, soothing color palette, and characters.

3. The Bremen Town Musicians (1969)

“There is nothing better than freedom on earth!”. Everyone knows Bremen musicians. But this one is different from the tale, that you know. It is a stunning story about friendship and love. Be sure that you don’t need to know Russian to enjoy this musical.

4. Mother For a Little Mammoth (1981)

This story is about a lost child, who never loses his hope, and goes on a long way to find his mom. You may not be able to hold back your tears at the end!

5. Autumn ships (1982)

This story envelops you with a sad and happy feeling at the same, just like the autumn weather…

Bonus: The girl and the bear (1980)

Thanks to recently shot “Masha and the Bear,” everyone knows this story. Maybe you want to listen to the original one.

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